Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp Pooja

by Anuj Guruji
Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp Pooja

Do you want to perform Kalsarp pooja in Trimbakeshwar?

In this post, we will teach you everything you need to know about performing Kalsarp pooja.

What exactly is Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp dosh pooja?

Trimbakeshwar Kal Sarp Dosh pooja is performed to get rid of the negative effects of Kal Sarp dosh.

Kal Sarp is a dosha in your kundali that is the outcome of one’s past deeds or karma, according to Hindu astrology.

When all of the planets (Griha) are sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu, a person’s natal chart will reveal indicators of Kal Sarp Yog.

Kal Sarp pooja is performed to protect family members from evil spirits and to bring them good health and prosperity.

This ritual entails performing various rituals such as chanting mantras, offering flowers, sweets, and other items such as incense sticks, coconut oil, and so on for about an hour before beginning a pooja for about half an hour.

After completing all of these rituals, offer milk to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati along with some heartfelt prayers for their blessings.

Who you should carry out the Kal Sarp Dosh Pooja?

This Pooja should be performed by people who have Kal Sarp Dosh in their Kundli. If a native wishes to learn more about the Kal Sarp Dosh, he or she can consult an astrologer. The expert will advise the person on some remedies based on the placement of the planets.

Based on the remedies recommended by the expert, one can perform Pooja and wear Rudraksha and Yantra as per astrology. If Mars and Saturn are on the opposite side of Rahu and Ketu, a person is influenced by partial Kal Sarp Yog. If a child is very young and has Kal Sarp Dosh, his parents can perform this Pooja for him.

The Advantages of Kal Sarp pooja

There are numerous advantages to performing Kal Sarp a pooja. It is believed that by performing this pooja, we will be able to eliminate all of our problems, miseries, and sufferings.

We should perform this pooja with devotion and faith because it will undoubtedly assist us in resolving all of our problems.

The first advantage of performing Kal Sarp a pooja is that it will assist us in clearing all of our sins from our previous lives. By performing this pooja, we ensure that our sins have been removed from previous lives and that we will have a new life in the future as well.

The second advantage of performing Kal Sarp a pooja is that it will assist us in getting rid of all evil spirits who have caused us harm in the past. And now they’re gone for good because Lord Hanuman or Lord Vayu himself sent them back!

The third advantage of performing Kal Sarp a pooja is that it allows us to transform into other forms such as Gandharva (celestial musician), Kinnara (fish), Nagara (snake), and others that are very beautiful in appearance!

Following the Kal Sarp a pooja, the Rahu-Ketu pooja ushers in pleasure and wealth. At Trimbakeshwar, one can obtain the Kal Sarp Dosha Nivaran and be free of all defects caused by the dosh. It allows the mind to settle into calmness and begins to think positively.

Where to perform Kal Sarp dosh pooja?

There are many places where you can perform Kal Sarp pooja, but trimbakeshwar is the best place to perform Kal Sarp dosh pooja.

Trambakeshwar is an ancient Hindu temple in the town of Trimbak, Maharashtra, India, 28 kilometers from the city of Nashik. As a result, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the twelve Jyotirlingas.

It is located at the headwaters of the Godavari River, the longest in peninsular India. The Godavari River, which is considered blessed in Hinduism, flows from the Bramhagiri Mountains to the sea near Rajahmundry. Kushavarta, a kund, is considered the symbolic origin of the river Godavari and is revered by Hindus as a sacred bathing spot.

Trimbakeshwar is the ideal location for performing the Dosh Nivaran Pooja. Trimbak is in the Maharashtra district of Nashik. It was chosen as one of the twelve Jyotirlingas to help make the Kaal Sarpa Pooja more productive and effective. According to the Shiva Purana, a Jyotirlinga is a perfect representation of the all-beneficial Shiva. It is Shiva’s radiant light.

Other Jyotirlingas besides Trimbakeshwar include Somnath in Gujarat, Malikarjuna in Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh, Mahakaleswar in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, Omkareshwar in Madhya Pradesh, Kedarnath in the Himalayas, Bhimashankar in Maharashtra, Viswanath in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Vaidyanath in Jharkhand, Nageshvara Jyotirlinga in Gujarat’s Dwarka, Rameshwar in Tamil Nadu, and Grishneshwar in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad.

Why perform Kal Sarp pooja in trimbakeshwar?

The Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple includes the Kal Sarp Pooja. It is done to ensure the people’s health and prosperity. The Kal Sarp pooja is performed in the temple to bring people blessings and prosperity.

The Kal Sarp pooja is unique in that a pot full of milk is placed on the floor in front of Lord Shiva’s idol. People who want their wish granted come forward and take a piece of cloth from the pot, tying it around their arm or hand for protection against evil spirits.

Kal Sarp pooja is also done for those who have lost loved ones, friends, or family members for whatever reason. This will assist them in reuniting with their lost loved ones through the grace of Lord Shiva, who resides at Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Temple. The Kal Sarp pooja brings peace into your life by providing you with strength, courage, and hope in the face of adversity!

Procedure for performing Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp Pooja Nashik

A group of devotees performs the pooja together.

Devotees must arrive a day before or before 6:00 a.m. on the day of the pooja.

The Pandit will assist devotees with their pooja. Pandit will also be reciting mantras.

Before pooja, they arrange the items in the hall. However, believers are not required to bring any materials.

The pooja lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

How much does it cost to perform Kal Sarp pooja in Trimbakeshwar?

Trimbakeshwar pooja pandit fees vary depending on where and when the pooja is performed.

For performing individual pooja, the Kal Sarp Shanti pooja charges are Rs. 2500. In addition, the price of Kal Sarp yoga pooja is Rs 5500 for an individual pooja with Rahu Ketu Jaap.

Cost of Kal Sarp Pooja for the Best Kal Sarp Nivaran Maha Pooja with 3 Pandits in pooja, Silver Naag, New Cloths for pooja, pooja Prasad, Pickup & Drop Facility, Temple Darshan Entry, the result will be 11000/-.

Trimbakeshwar Kalsarp pooja is not expensive. It is appropriate for all skill levels. In other words, both middle-class and upper-class people can attend this pooja. Trimbakeshwar pooja costs include lunch.

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