Pitra Dosh in Kundali Check in Horoscope Astrology

by Anuj Guruji
Pitra Dosh in Kundali Check in Horoscope Astrology

The Pitra Dosh in Kundali is not the imprecation of ancestors. However, it is a Karmic Debt of the ancestors and is to be suffered by the person having the Dosh in his horoscope. In simple words, the Dosh is in the astrology of a person, when his/her ancestors have made some faults, crimes or sins.

हिंदी में पढ़े। यहाँ क्लिक करे। पितृ दोष के लक्षण और घर पर पूजा कैसे करे

How to check Pitra Dosh in Kundali

Pitra is father. In Hindu Vedic horoscope sun is karaka for the father. The sun is in 9th house. It troubles the natural malign or lagna malign.  Rahu concurrence with or 9th lord. It will examine pitra dosha few times.

There are usually three kinds of Pitra Dosh in Kundali

  • The sin of the dead souls on their own family, if the family members fail to stick to the basic needs of doing yearly ceremonies for their ancestors.
  • The sin of the outsiders/unknown or known organization who were stiff by your living/dead ancestors.
  • Negligence to look after the aged peoples and evacuate them to fend for themselves.

Pitra Dosha in Astrology

  • It could lag the marriage.
  • It could skip the victorious married life.
  • There could be vain or failed marriage in the similar family.
  • There could be a greater number of bachelors in the similar family.
  • It could prohibit the conceiving of the children.
  • It could lead to miscarriages during the pregnancy.
  • There could be physically and mentally paralyzed person.
  • Also, there could be unusual deaths.
  • There could be theft, fire or accidents in the house.

How to find out Pitra Dosha through the Horoscope?

  • The occurrence of the Sun, sinking Moon, Mars, Raghu, Mercury and Kethu in the 5th house specify the Pitra Dosha.
  • Also, lord weakens for the 5th house.
  • The 5th house lord is either being linked with malign planets or being in a malign house.
  • Also, The occurrence of weakening planets in the 5th house.
  • The 5th house lord is exhausting at Navamsa chart.
  • Also, the 5th house lord is getting affected by Thithi Sunyam.
  • Union of 5th house lord with Raghu/Kethu in any house.

Check Pitra Dosh in Kundli

Get Your Free Pitra Dosha Analysis. Symptoms of the dosh are:

  • Crows return on your window or roof daily at a similar time cawing for food.
  • You usually dream of your ancestors or deceased relatives talking with you in your dreams.
  • Also, you see yourself offering food to mysterious people in your dreams in some sacred place or near a river. You may also see some devouring or sharing of food with your dead relatives.
  • Your hair begins greying at an early age and around a similar time you face loss of affluence or status.
  • When you go to your ancestor’s house, stand at the door facing outwards. If you see a Peepal tree within 16 steps of the door on your left, then you are hurting from the Dosha.
  • Family members quarrel with each other over sharing/issuing of property/wealth. There is not a sign of calmness in the house.
  • You may not be able to finish the desired education or may have many pauses in your educational life.
  • The younger members of the family are not able to find an acceptable match for marriage. People have unstable, married life which usually outcome in divorce or separation.
  • The person may have issues causing kids. Recurrent miscarriages happen or children die before they attain the age of three. Even when kids are alive, they are falling sick regularly.
  • Despite working carefully and fairly, native is not able to get the merit identification, development, and position in professional life. Most times, the most deserving people are left behind in life because of the occurrence of the Dosha.
  • There is a disruption in the relations with your father/mother or both. You may favor staying away from home most of the time because of the exhausting relationship.

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